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service platform for cardiac assessment

Designed for Daily Cardiac Care

Perform ECG Recordings in
3 Simple Steps

30 seconds easy

data collection

Professional Report

Rapid AI and expert analysis

  • Gentle hug to collect  ECG data

  • Foldable design to fit with different body shapes

  • Support Lead I, Lead II, and Lead III

  • Easy to use mobile APP interface for efficient operation

  • ECG interpretation and clinical recommendation

  • AI + Professional cardiologists team

  • Report within 30 minutes

Designed for Daily Cardiac Care
Value appeal

•  Free Software and Hardware
•  Flexible pricing plans

•  A quick screening tool before further


•  Recommended applications

(1) Rapid assessment

(2) Pre-anaesthesia check

(3) Tracking


- ​Dr. Chiu

A New Animal Hospital

" Amazing technology that greatly enhances our ability to perform cardiac assessment for patients. "


- Dr. Huang

James & Herriot Animal Hospital

 " General Practitioners and veterinary assistants can now quickly assess pet’s conditions, which improves our patient flow management and allows Cardiologists to focus on specialized tests. "

- Dr. Gan

Pan Pan Animal Hospital

" Creative and eye-opening service that lets us do the ECG assessment in no time. "

ANIWEAR’s Valuable Clients
Contact us if you want to provide CardioBird in your veterinary hospitals.