ANIWARE focuses on advanced data analytics for animal healthcare. Our veterinary cardiology service platform is specifically designed for veterinary professionals and pets, providing our beloved companions with the high quality healthcare they deserve.

CardioBird is the world's first one-stop ECG service AIoT platform specifically designed for veterinary cardiology. All a veterinary professional needs to do is a 30 seconds hug to the patient (pet) using the CardioBird handheld sensor. After data collection, our artificial intelligence platform and vet cardiologist team will analyze the data and issue a reliable ECG report. The platform saves time and manpower, as well as provides better protection to vets and pets.

We are providing our service for animal hospitals in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Thailand. Our service is now available in over 300 animal hospitals in Taiwan.


2016 ANIWARE was founded

2017 Selected by Zeroth Accelerator #1

2018 Selected by AppWorks Accelerator #17, the largest accelerator in Asia

         Awarded in X-Tech Innovation Japan
         Champion of Startup Go! Go! Japan

2019 Number of Taiwan animal hospitals using CardioBird: 300



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Our Story

ANIWARE's founder Joe Mak has a professional background in clinical electrophysiology. Before starting ANIWARE, he was the honorary assistant professor in the University of Hong Kong. He also led in projects in biosensing and artificial technology when he was in the National Institute of Health and when he was the director of a Silicon Valley company in the USA. As the owner of a dog and a cat, he undoubtedly cares a lot for pets' well-being.

Cardiac problem affects many dogs and cats but complete cardiac assessment is not always accessible in the veterinary practices. The quality of cardiac care is compromised due to difficulties in machine operation, lack of cardiologists in Asia and high operating costs etc. Therefore, Joe started ANIWARE in 2016 in Hong Kong with a quick ECG service platform for veterinary cardiology, and is continuously moving forward to provide better healthcare solutions for pets.

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