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資料科學家 Data Scientist


  • Specialize in the application of signal processing and machine learning techniques to design, develop and implement preprocessing modules, biometrics algorithms and AI engine using various form of sensor data.

  • Be capable of designing experiments to acquire data sets for training and validation of hypotheses and models, as well as support pilot trials at customer facilities to test our algorithms in the field

  • Explore optimal algorithm designs to fit in the limits offered by the resources of the embedded system

  • Working with other team members to assemble and test the algorithm integrates with device firmware, coordinating work with members of the team.

  • Patent the inventions and improvements of the technology. Contribute to our algorithm IP portfolio.

  • Investigating emerging and new areas that fits our AI-powered sensing solution.

  • Work place : Taipei


  • Master / PhD in Engineering, Statistics, quantitative degree and/or relevant experience.

  • Strong background in signal processing, pattern matching algorithms, optimization algorithms, machine learning.

  • Proven experiences (2+ years) and ability to solve signal processing and machine learning problems and implement practical solutions.

  • Experience working with sensor data from various kind of IoT and wearable devices.

  • Proficiency in Python, Matlab and C - Excellent interpersonal and communication skills and the desire to work in a dynamic and collaborative environment.

  • Collaborative, self-motivated, fast learner that comfortable working in a dynamic environment tackling challenging problems.

  • Deep knowledge of end-to-end algorithms development and performance reporting.

  • Detail oriented and take a thorough and analytical approach, producing complete documentation.

  • Passionate about signal processing, machine learning and AI.


  • 月薪 $100,000 -$120,000 

  • 基本勞健保

  • 吃不完的零食與 AppWorks Cafe

客戶成功專員 Veterinarian Success Specialist


我們深信客戶成功的經驗非常重要,這個職位將代表 ANIWEAR 作為和獸醫師溝通的前線,

  • 深入了解 CardioBird 服務,提供最好的服務品質並協助客戶成功

  • 即時處理客戶訊息與來電問題

  • 理解不同客戶的內部管理流程,協助建立使用 CardioBird 的標準流程

  • 從使用者角度提供產品部門建議

  • 顧客關係維護及管理

  • 評估客戶的使用狀況,規劃並推薦最佳使用方案

  • ​工作地點:台灣台中


  • 良好且真誠的顧客關係維護技巧

  • 主動積極並可配合團隊合作

  • 客戶角度思考問題

  • 熟悉動物醫院產業

  • 加分條件:(1) 台灣動物醫院業務銷售經驗 (2) 台灣動物醫院工作經驗,獸醫尤佳


  • 月薪 $40,000 -$60,000 (基本工資 + 獎金)

  • 基本勞健保

  • 彈性工作時間與假期 (絕不少於法定年假)

  • 吃不完的零食與 AppWorks Cafe

客戶服務專員 Customer Support Officer


  • 深入了解 CardioBird 服務,即時處理客戶訊息與來電問題

  • 顧客關係維護及管理

  • 標記數據資料

  • 其他行政事務與主管交辦事項

  • 工作地點:台北


  • 良好且真誠的顧客關係維護技巧

  • 細心且有耐心

  • 主動積極並可配合團隊合作


  • 月薪 $25,000-30,000

  • 基本勞健保

  • 排班制,每個月工作時數 180 小時,我們的服務時間為 10 am 至 10 pm

  • 吃不完的零食與 AppWorks Cafe