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Emergency or Surgical Specialty Animal Hospital
Better protection for vets and pets with pre-operative evaluation

Fast and Effective Pre-Operative Assessment


For emergency cases in which pre-op evaluation can only be done within minutes before the operation, the assessment options are limited.

Cardiobird can be easily incorporated into the pre-anaesthetic evaluation routine to lower the risk of cardiac and respiratory adverse reactions during anaesthesia. It brings both vets and pets better protection.

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Animal patients are more protected


Pre-op evaluation is limited by time and resources in animals hospitals with high surgical volume.

CardioBird is used by a lot of our partnering surgical specialty hospitals as part of the pre-anesthesia evaluation routine. Both vets and pet owners are grateful to provide a more complete protection for the pets.

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If you want to use CardioBird pre-op assessment, please contact us and we will get back to you shortly.

Applications of CardioBird in Different Types of Animal Hospitals

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