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​Medium or Large Veterinary Hospitals
「Optimize the operation efficiency by patient flow management 」

Effective patient flow management can facilitate cardiologists' work


Specialists often have to spend a significant amount of time handling various cases in high volume hospitals.

With the use of CardioBird, GPs and veterinary assistants can now quickly assess pet's conditions, allowing Cardiologists to focus on further diagnostic tests such as 6 or 12 leads ECG and echocardiogram for critical cases.

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More Comprehensive Check-up


Cardiac diseases are common in dogs and cats, especially for old pets and small breeds that are commonly seen in Taiwan. However, conventional cardiac assessment tests can be expensive and inaccessible. Hence these tests are not well accepted by pet owners and are rarely included in the regular check-up, which presents an underlying concern for the overall healthiness of the pets.


At an affordable price of NT$600, CardioBird can fit into the hospital's health checkup program, allowing a more comprehensive health assessment and better care for aged pets and breed at risk.

Monitoring of hospitalized pets

Many critical cases require regular monitoring of the cardiac conditions. It is not practical to perform traditional ECG test for every patient.

With the assistance of CardioBird, critical and cardiac cases can be monitored conveniently. Vets can now keep track of the pet's condition using the health-related data.

If you want to streamline your hospital's patient management using CardioBird,
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Applications of CardioBird in Different Types of Animal Hospitals

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