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Conventional cardiac examination requires restraining, applying gel or alcohol, and sometimes even shaving of the animals. It is an inconvenient procedure that has to be done by several people.

CardioBird is specifically designed for vets and pets. ECG can be performed in the most comfortable position using a small and handy sensor. We recommend Chest Lead II for dogs (as shown in picture on the lower left), in which a warm hug is all it takes to complete ECG collection. For sensitive pets such as cats, which have relatively soft paws, we recommend Paws Lead II for ECG collection (as shown in picture on the lower right)


After ECG collection, data will be analyzed and report will be emailed to animal hospital within 30 minutes (average time is 5 to 10 minutes). Therefore, even for solo practice vet, it is still possible to perform ECG and provide professional cardiac assessment.

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Applications of CardioBird in Different Types of Animal Hospitals

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